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Germ-Free Solutions

The Need For Providing Safe Public-Areas and Facilities Has Never Been Greater. Touchless and Health-Conscious Hardware Solutions Can Help You Protect Your Building and Its Occupants By Eliminating Dangerous, Germ-Infested Touch-Points On Your Doors and Hardware.

Talk To A Specialist Today and Learn What Germ-Free Solutions May Be Right For You!

  • Low-Energy ADA Automatic Operators
  • Hardwired and Wireless Wave-To-Exit Activation Switches
  • No-Touch Door Handles & Arm-Pulls
  • No-Touch Foot-Pulls
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Hospital-Latches
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Amazon Key For Business

With Social-Distancing and Working-From-Home Becoming The New Normal, Package Deliveries Are At An All Time High. Multi-Family Buildings With Access Control Have The Highest Rate of Lost, Stolen and Undelivered Packages All Because The Delivery Driver Can't Get In The Building.

Never Fear, The Specialist Is Here!!!

We Are Proud To Announce That Doors & Hardware Specialist Inc. Has Partnered With Amazon To Provide It's Key For Business Smart Fob Solution COMPLETELY FREE TO YOU.

What is Amazon Key For Business?

- A Completely Secure, Smart-Fob System That Integrates Seamlessly Into Your Existing Access Control System.

What Does Amazon KFB Do?

- It Provides Amazon Delivery Drivers One-Time Access To Your Building and Gives Them Specific Instructions On Where You Would Like Your Tenant's Packages Delivered To In Your Building.

How Secure is Amazon KFB?

- Extremely Secure!!

- Amazon Drivers Can Only Be Granted Access To The Building When a Delivery Is Scheduled and The Driver's GPS Location Shows That They Are Near The Property.

- A ONE-TIME Door Unlock Signal Can Only Be Triggered Once The Driver Has Passed A Facial-Recognition Verification, And Verified Their Driver Credentials.

- Once They Have Entered The Building They Receive Specific Instructions On Where To Deliver Packages.

- Amazon Deliveries Are Logged And Driver Details Are Recorded In An Audit Trail Stored In The Cloud.

- Once The Package Has Been Delivered, The Amazon Driver Will No Longer Have Access To The Building And The Key Code Gaining Them Access Self-Destructs.

- Say Goodbye To The Days Of Lost Hours Watching Footage To Catch Package Theives!

So What's The Catch?

There Isn't One!

In The Hopes of Providing a Safer, More Reliable, and Seamless Package Delivery Experience To Their Customers. Amazon Has Partnered With Doors and Hardware Specialist, Inc. To Provide Key For Business Completely Free To You!

No Install Costs. No Monthly Contracts. No Maintenance Costs.

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Wanna Learn More About Amazon Key For Business?

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